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Nanobubble Applications

Sewage Filtration
Industrial Tractor
Fish Stall
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Free Range Cow
Rubber Gloves
Bath in Sink
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Light Bulb
Examining Blood Sample
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Explore some of the applications for Nanobubbles. 


  • Increase in yield of crop harvest

  • Harvest time is shortened in plants like flowers 

  • Flower life after cutting is increased 10%-15% with nanobubble water

  • Robustness from disease and low nutrition environments

  • Healthier and increased root mass of plants

  • Increased nutrient uptake

  • Improved water retention in soil

  • Dormancy Breaking of Rice Seed

  • Improved germination rates

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț


A healthier farming environment:

  • Increase in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels

  • Decomposition of organics, some chemicals and waste created by fish farming

  • Decomposition of harmful algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses

  • Stimulation of plankton growth

Better yields:

  • Increased ratio of hatching

  • Faster growth

  • Increased fish size and weight

  • Decreased rates of illness and mortality

  • Decreased use of antibiotics and pest control products

  • Reduced harvest time – Quicker time to market and sales

Fish Stall

Water Treatment

Sanitization and Treatment:

  • Quick increase in dissolved oxygen levels (DO)

  • Suppression of bad smell

  • Decomposition of organics and some chemical pollutants

  • Flotation of fine particulates (droplets, colloids, contaminants, surfactants)

  • Decomposition of sludge at the bottom of water tanks

  • Elimination of cyanobacteria and harmful algae

  • Surfactant separation

  • Increased water treatment capacity

  • Reduced cost per treated gallon by up to 40% 


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas – Production, separation and cleaning:

  • Used in reservoir flooding for increased oil output depending on well conditions and application procedure.

  • Storage and vessel tank cleaning operations – Increases surfactant performance

  • Separates water/oil for demulsification of mixture

  • Produced/technical water & mud treatment


Food Industry

  • Fruit, veggie and fish chemical free disinfection

  • Breakdown of FOGs (fat-oil & grease),

  • Oxygenation, and reduction of various harmful chemicals

  • Separation and precipitation of solids.

Typical food industries that benefit from nanobubble technology are:

  • ​Bakeries

  • Breweries

  • Candy Manufacturing

  • Cook plants / processors

  • Dairy Products

  • Flavors, Additives

  • Ice Cream Manufacturing

Grocery Basket

Chillers & Water Towers

  • Removes and prevents bio-film, oxidation and other water issues with boilers

  • Increases heat transfer efficiency of boilers and chillers

  • Removes bio-film in chiller circulation lines which can improve cooling  & heating energy efficiency by up to 30%

  • Keeps water towers clean and free from algae, bio-film and helps to prevent scale buildup. 

  • Saves on chemicals

Applicable for chillers, boilers and water towers.

Air Filter

Animal Husbandry

  • Elimination of biofilm and scale buildup

  • Sanitization and preservation of the watering network and drinking stations

  • Decomposition of organics and chemicals, algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses

  • Important reduction in metal and ammonia content in the watering network

  • Improved animal metabolism (better digestion and assimilation)

  • Decreased use of chemicals and antibiotics

  • Increase in weight and feeding

White Chicken
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