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Revolutionize Your Research with Easy to Use Nanobubble Technology from Trident

The Trident Nanobubble System - TNS-1 empowers researchers with a powerful tool to advance their work. Contact us to explore how nanobubble technology can revolutionize your research by improving dissolution rates, enhancing mixing, or significantly increasing oxygen or other gas transfer.


Nanobubble Systems for Labs & Research

The Trident Nanobubble System TNS-1 generates a high volume of nanobubbles for optimized research applications. These nanobubbles significantly enhance research methodologies through:


Superior Mass Transfer

Enables improved oxygen delivery in cell cultures, promoting cell growth and viability. Additionally, facilitates the dissolution of hydrophobic compounds.


Elevated Oxygen Transfer

Significantly increases dissolved oxygen levels in aqueous solutions, crucial for aerobic organisms and cell cultures demanding high-oxygen environments.


Precise Mixing

Achieves homogenous solution mixing without disrupting sensitive biological samples, ideal for experiments requiring exact uniformity control.


Efficient Particle Flotation

Enables efficient removal of unwanted particles or contaminants from liquids, facilitating sample purification and separation processes.

Types of Research Applications

The Trident Nanobubble System's versatility benefits diverse research fields:


Aquaculture Studies

Researchers can utilize nanobubbles for enhanced gas delivery and explore the potential of how nanobubbles can affect this vital food stream.


Wastewater Treatment

Explore how nanobubbles can affect water treatment processes and how these can be enhanced with nanobubble technology.


Microbial Sanitization

Nanobubbles exhibit bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Research can explore the use of nanobubbles for surface decontamination or even inactivating pathogens in liquid samples.


Nanoparticle Synthesis

Nanobubbles can be used for the synthesis of nanoparticles with specific properties. The high surface area and unique mixing properties of nanobubbles can facilitate controlled nucleation and growth of desired nanoparticles.


Enzyme Assays

Nanobubbles can enhance the activity and stability of enzymes in assays. The increased surface area provided by nanobubbles can improve the interaction between enzymes and substrates, leading to more sensitive and efficient assays.


Biosensing Applications

Researchers can explore the use of nanobubbles for biosensing applications. Nanobubbles can be functionalized with biorecognition molecules (antibodies, receptors) to create sensitive sensors for detecting specific biomolecules in research samples.


Stem Cell Research

Nanobubbles can potentially improve stem cell differentiation and expansion. The gentle agitation and improved oxygen transfer facilitated by nanobubbles can create a more favorable microenvironment for stem cell growth and differentiation.


Food Science Research

Nanobubbles can be used in food science research to improve food processing and preservation. Applications include enhancing food texture, promoting the extraction of bioactive compounds, and even inactivating foodborne pathogens.


Toxicology Studies

Nanobubbles can be used to study the toxicity of nanoparticles or other contaminants. Nanobubbles can facilitate the delivery of these substances to cells, allowing researchers to investigate their potential toxicity effects.

Technical Advantages for Researchers

High Nanobubble Production Rate

Ensures sufficient nanobubble availability for research needs.

Simplified Installation & Operation

Requires minimal setup and readily integrates into research workflows.


Compact & Wall-Mountable Design

Allows seamless integration into existing lab environments.

 Cost-Effective Investment

Offers a cost-effective solution for enhanced research capabilities.


Complete your setup with the following component suggestions:

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