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Enhancing Food Quality and Safety with Eco-Friendly Nanobubbles Technology

Nanobubbles technology is an eco-friendly solution for enhancing food quality and safety. It creates a highly oxygenated environment that prevents harmful bacteria growth, removes harmful chemicals, and reduces food spoilage. Nanobubbles are a sustainable solution for improving food quality and safety in the food industry.


Sustainable Nanobubble Solutions
for the Food Industry

Explore what defines nanobubbles and its characteristics

Fruit & Veggie Chemical Free Disinfection

In the food industry, maintaining the safety and quality of produce is of utmost importance. That's why cutting-edge technology such as nanobubble disinfection is gaining popularity among food manufacturers, restaurants, and supermarkets. This innovative disinfection method uses nanobubbles to create an oxidizing agent that eliminates harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi without the use of chemicals.


Breakdown of FOGs
(Fats-Oil & Grease)

Traditional methods of removing FOGs involve the use of chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment and the health of workers. However, with the innovative technology of nanobubbles, FOGs can be effectively broken down without the use of harmful chemicals. By using nanobubbles to break down FOGs in commercial kitchens, the food industry can ensure that their systems are free of blockages and functioning efficiently, while also promoting a safer and more sustainable working environment.


Chemical Free Wash & Disinfection of Seafood 

The cleaning process involves immersing the seafood in a solution of water with generated ozone nanobubbles that penetrate the surface of the seafood and dislodge contaminants through high pressure. Once dislodged, the contaminants can be removed by rinsing the seafood with water. This method of cleaning seafood is considered potentially safer and more environmentally friendly than the use of chemicals.

Separation and Precipitation of Solids

Nanobubbles can be used to separate solids from liquids by agglomerating the solids and allowing them to settle at the bottom of the container. This method is particularly useful in the production of high-quality juice and sauces by removing impurities and improving the clarity of the product. The use of nanobubbles reduces the need for chemical coagulants, making it a safer and more sustainable alternative.

Food Ingredients

Nanobubbles Promote Better Homogenization 

The use of nanobubbles in the homogenization process can result in a smoother and more consistent product while taking less time, and using less energy compared to existing solutions.

Food Industry Customers That Can Benefit From Nanobubble Technology


- Increase dough volume and texture
- Increase the shelf life
-Reduce the need for chemical preservatives


Dairy Products

- Improved cleaning efficiency and reduced water usage
- Removal of fats and solids
- Increased shelf life




- Enhance yeast growth and fermentation process
- Improve alcohol production
- Remove impurities and excess hops


Flavors, Additives

- Enhanced flavor and aroma
- Improved solubility of additives
- Reduction in required amount of additives


Cook plants / processors

-Improve cleaning efficiency
-Reduce water usage
- Aid in separation of solids, fats, and oils for easier waste disposal


Candy & Ice Manufacturing

- Improved texture and consistency
- Reduced stickiness and clumping
- Increased shelf life

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