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Inspired by Nature

When a technology borrows from and is inspired by nature, it's called biomimicry. And the technologies utilized in our nanobubble generators biomimic how nature creates nanobubbles in the wild. 

Explore some of the features that enables Trident Bubble Technologies to be the world's leading provider in ultrafine bubble and nanobubble generator solutions.


Physical Characteristics of The Trident Nanobubble Generators

A Simple Approach to Nanobubbles

Trident Bubble Technologies goal is to build the most flexible, cost-effective, and performing nanobubble generators possible, ready for easy integration in the field. Trident solutions can be used out-of-the-box by professional customers, consultants or engineers on their own, or implemented as part of a larger solution by system integrators who wish to leverage the latest in nanobubble generation technology and create additional value with robust monitoring and management capabilities for world-leading packages.

​Our approach allows us to focus on the innovation of nanobubble generation, while allowing system integrators & professionals to focus on their professional value add

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Nanobubbles From Membranes

As a material, membranes offers unique advantages when it comes to Nanobubble generators. Membranes have some the highest performance levels, operational flexibility and long lifespan when compared to other nanobubble generation technologies.

At Trident Bubbles, we bring over 25 years of experience in designing and fabricating membranes for targeted applications. We fabricate our nanobubble generating technology in-house using our proprietary process. Our internalization of core material science technology allows us to add value and innovation beyond what our competitors can offer, while also creating scalable solutions.

Low-Pressure Nanobubble Generation

Our low-pressure nanobubble generators represent a groundbreaking approach to the nanobubble generating process using membranes.


By re-engineering the entire nanobubble generation pipeline, we've created a more efficient and adaptable solution to the challenge of aeration.

Our innovative approach using membranes achieves up to 400% more gas transfer into nanobubbles per watt of energy compared to traditional nanobubble technologies.

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Multi-Stage Nanobubble Generator

Trident nanobubble generators exploit multiple nanobubble generation physics into one membrane solution, all engineered to work synergistically, to deliver excellent gas transfer and high nanobubble volumes with minimal energy and infrastructure requirements.

The technology represents one of the most advanced nanobubble generating membranes available.

Operating In Challenging Environments

When it comes to operating environments, we offer one of the most flexible nanobubble generator solutions available.

Our nanobubble generators can operate in:

  • Low flow or low pressure environments.

  • Low, or just atmospheric, gas pressure

  • Corrosive gas environments

  • Dissolved solids

  • Seawater

  • Wastewater

  • High or low pH

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Gas Management 

Trident Bubble Technologies nanobubble generators offer the first of it's kind - passive air suction without the need for an air blower, air compressor or venturi. 

Passive air suction simplifies our air management system, allowing customers ease of use, simpler operations while minimizing costs and additional hardware expenses to support air intake. 

All Trident nanobubble generators support gases including Ozone, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Air and Hydrogen.

Note: Please see spec sheet for full operating parameter details

Nanobubbles at Any Scale Water Treatment

Our solutions can be customized to meet your requirements, ranging from 1 GPM to 5,000 GPM in a single, durable, and energy-efficient system.

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Nanobubbles Characteristics

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Zeta Potential Matters

Zeta potential represents a critical characteristic of the nanobubble fluid expressed in volts and most often as millivolts. In nanobubbles, this value helps to quantify the stability of the nanobubble as well as it's potential for interaction with dissolved compounds. 

Functionally, a high negative zeta potential value  represents:

  • A more uniform & homogenized nanobubble dispersion in water body

  • Longer lasting & stable nanobubbles

  • Nanobubbles avoid clumping and rising

  • Creates a greater attraction force between the nanobubble and positively charged solids.

A high positive zeta potential promotes the same effects as above but is attracted to negatively charged particles. Which is useful in applications like oil & gas and healthcare.

A neutral or near zero zeta potential represents a bubble that is prone to rapid collapse and clumping which will ultimately create a larger bubble that rises to the surface.

Trident Bubble Technologies nanobubble generators have embedded technology in the generator that helps creates a nanobubble with one of the highest negative zeta potential values in the industry. This characteristic can be customized even further to achieve a specific targeted zeta potential value including positively charged zeta potential. 


Adjustable Bubble Size

Trident is the ideal solution for applications that require customized bubble sizes or range. The size of bubbles produced by our generator is determined by water pressure and gas pressure.
By utilizing precise input controls, you can regulate the size of the bubbles produced by our generator with a high degree of accuracy and capable of generating nanobubbles of sizes between 80nm to 1μm. 

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