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Nanobubble Solutions for Industry
At Any Scale

Standalone Nanobubble Generators & Systems
Compressed Gas Required

Flow Rate:

Imperial: 1 GPM - 5,000 GPM

Metric: 0.3 m3/h - 1,000 m3/h 

bezel 180mm_edited.png

Capacities and Models:

One scalable technology for all your goals. Seamless transition from the lab to industrial workloads. All within a single technology portfolio.

* TNS-2000 is a custom-engineered membrane solution, tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer's environment and application. Please contact us for more information.

Standalone Nanobubble Systems Passive Air Suction (PAS)
Compressor-Free Operation

Flow Rate:

Imperial: 13 GPM - 132 GPM

Metric:  3 m3/h - 30 m3/h


Capacities and Models:

PAS systems are designed to create negative air pressure, eliminating the need for compressed gas while generating high levels of nanobubbles.

* Please contact us for pricing and information on our PAS products.

Technology Specification

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