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Nanobubbles Are Changing Mining Operations Economics.

Nanobubbles helps enhances mineral recovery rates for minerals like copper, gold, graphite and many more. 


Achieve Higher Mineral Recovery Rates with Nanobubble Technology

Streamline Froth Flotation Efforts

Nanobubbles are introduced into the mixture to increase the concentration of bubbles and improve the attachment of the minerals to the bubbles.
This results in better separation of the minerals and higher recovery rates.
The use of nanobubbles in froth flotation has shown promise in improving the efficiency of the process and reducing the environmental impact of mineral processing.


Deliver Oxygen Deep Into the Heap

A barren solution saturated with oxygen nanobubbles can help accelerate leaching rates and increase extraction efficiency in the heap leaching process. The use of nanobubbles allows for deep oxygen saturation, which can improve the efficiency of the chemical reaction that dissolves the valuable minerals in the ore. By injecting the barren solution saturated with nanobubbles into the heap, the solution can reach more of the minerals, increasing the leaching rate and overall extraction efficiency.

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