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Take a peek at upcoming products from Trident Bubbles.

At Trident Bubble Systems, we're always working on amazing advancements in the field of bubble generation and applications in a wide range of applications.  

Membrane based Nanobubble Diffuser

Membrane Based Nanobubble Diffuser

Nanobubble and Ultrafine bubble diffuser will provide in-situ hyper gas transfer in water. Ideal for aquaculture and low power surface water treatment.

General availability Q1 2023

Industrial specific nanobubble solutions

Industrial Application Specific Nanobubble Solutions

Bubbles are huge part of our lives. From mining to oil & gas, industries can benefit from customized bubble solutions.

General availability Q2/Q3 2023

Nanobubble systems for home lawn & garden

Nanobubble Systems for Home Lawn & Garden

Lawns consume tremendous amounts of water for maintenance and upkeep.  Our systems can help ease water stress by delivering higher quality water and allowing less water to go farther.

General availability Q1 2023

Ultrafine bubble in-line water adapter

Ultrafine Bubble In-Line Water Adapter

For sinks, showers, washing machines, water dispensers, and many other in-line water applications

General availability Q2 2023

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