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Nanobubble System Resellers and Integrators

Grow your business with Trident Bubble Technologies

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Trident Bubble Technologies Specializes in the Production of Innovative & Reliable Nanobubble Solutions

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Integrated Systems

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Portable Systems

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Floating Systems

Trident Bubbles Wave Water Design

Why Resell with Trident Bubble?

Robust reseller program

Robust Reseller Program

Trident Bubble offers a robust reseller program for companies and individuals that would like to resell our technology or integrate our technology into larger more value added systems.

nanobubble Integration

Nanobubble Integration

We work with our customers to integrate our nanobubble generator technology into their systems for verticals such as RO membrane cleaning systems, irrigation systems, chiller systems, cement curing systems, portable nanobubble systems and much more.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge is our ultra low power to performance requirements and flexible operations in challenging environments. Because we own the material science behind our nanobubble generator technology, we can craft custom nanobubble generators for unique environments.

reference system designs

Reference System Designs

For approved systems integrators, we offer reference system designs that decreases go-to-market time, as well as design consultation assistance in getting our technology onboarded and integrated.

Trident Bubbles Wave Water Design

Top 5 reasons to resell Trident nanobubble systems

There is a growing demand for nanobubble technology in various industries such as water treatment, oil & gas, aquaculture and renewable energy, creating opportunities for businesses to sell nanobubble systems

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