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The Next Breakthrough in Water Aeration and Treatment Has Arrived.

Low-Pressure Nanobubble Generators Unlock the Full Potential of Nanobubble Technology.

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Trident Advantage


More Bubbles

Trident nanobubble generators can deliver over 1 billion nanobubbles per ml of water. This yields tremendous benefits to any aeration or nanobubble application.


More Gas Transfer

Trident nanobubble generators achieve extraordinary gas transfer results, delivering healthier plants, healthier fish, cleaner water, and better results. 


Ozone Ready

All our nanobubble generators support most common gas types including Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, Atmospheric Air, and Ozone. 

Nanobubble Solutions From
1 GPM to 5,000 GPM

Our mission is to revolutionize the nanobubble industry by offering affordable solutions that can scale to any water treatment capacity using a single advanced membrane platform.


We offer nanobubble generating membrane solutions for a wide range of water flow rates, from 1 gallon per minute (gpm) to 5,000 gpm, and gas transfer rates, from 2 cubic feet per hour (CFH) to 1,300 CFH in a single membrane. Enabling maximum stable gas transfer to water in a single pass.

Our generators also offer market leading energy efficiency, with operational gas and water pressures as low as 3 PSI.


Trident Low-Pressure Nanobubble Generators

Trident's Low-Pressure Nanobubble Generators (LPNBGs) represent a new class of nanobubble generators designed to outperform traditional nanobubble generators by delivering the same powerful benefits of nanobubbles while consuming between 50%-80% less energy.

Trident's LPNBG technology shatters existing standards for gas transfer efficiency.

Benefits of Trident's LPNBG:

  • Reduced technology acquisition costs

  • Reduced ongoing energy costs

  • Smaller technology footprint

  • Easy drop-in installation for most in-line installation environments 

  • Opens new potential in portable and mobile application of nanobubble technology

  • Trident's LPNBG products represents the most energy efficient aeration technology in the industry.

LPNBG Power Profile:

Operational Pressure (Water): 3 PSI or 0.2 Bar

Recommended Pressure (Water): 7 PSI or 0.5 Bar

Operational Pressure (Gas): 4 PSI or 0.3 Bar

Recommended Pressure (Gas) : 8 PSI or 0.6 Bar

Operational Pressure = ~50% of rated gas transfer

Recommended Pressure = 100% of rated gas transfer

Explore Highlights of Intensive Aquaculture Customer Install

See how Trident Bubble technology was deployed in an intensive aquaculture facility

Customer Spotlight.

“We use the Trident nanobubble generators along with our S-Series ozone systems to increase our systems capabilities.  We have noticed a considerable increase in water treatment in both small and very large water reservoirs as a result of this added component.

The team at Trident are excellent and very knowledgeable in nanobubble technology, we will continue to use them as our primary NANO technology provider.”


Cam Clarke,

Managing Director, and Founder

Purifico - Ozone Products



Explore science based research into nanobubble technology and how nanobubbles provide a chemical free method to help with some of the biggest challenges faced by industry and society today.

The potential applications and benefits of nanobubbles makes it a pivotal technological discovery with far reaching implications for how we manage new challenges in our food supplies or how nanobubbles can improve industrial output in some cases by order of magnitude.

In The Field

Aquaculture Tank Cleaning

Recent aquaculture customers not only realized a 50% reduction in oxygen use converting to nanobubbles, but also found that the nanobubbles helped to float tank detritus for easier removal.


Gravity powered water circulation system.

Water flow rate: 8.43 m3/h or 37 GPM

Water pressure: 4 PSI

Gas flow: 5 LPM 

Gas transfer efficiency: >90%