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The benefits of nanobubbles for the agriculture industry

Nanobubbles can be used in agriculture to improve crop growth and yields. The small size of the bubbles allows them to remain suspended in water for longer periods of time, which means that they can be used to oxygenate soil more efficiently. Additionally, nanobubbles can be used to deliver nutrients to crops. Nanobubbles can be used to help increase photosynthesis, reducing transpiration and water use efficiency, improving plant growth and crop yields.

The benefits of nanobubbles for the agriculture industry:

  • Increase in yield of crop harvest

  • Harvest time is shortened in plants like flowers

  • Flower life after cutting is increased 10%-15% with nanobubble water

  • Robustness from disease and low nutrition environments

  • Healthier and increased root mass of plants

  • Increased nutrient uptake

  • Improved water retention in soil

  • Dormancy Breaking of Rice Seed

  • Improved germination rates


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