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The benefits of nanobubbles for the aquaculture industry

Nanobubbles are very small bubbles (typically in the range of tens to hundreds of nanometers in diameter). Nanobubbles are excellent for use in aquaculture, since they oxygenate water, which is important for the health and growth of aquatic organisms, breeding fish, farming fish, and raising fish. The small size of nanobubbles allows them to remain suspended in water for longer periods of time than larger bubbles, which means that they can be used to oxygenate large volumes of water more efficiently. Additionally, nanobubbles can be used to deliver other substances, such as nutrients or medications, to aquatic organisms.

Nanobubbles create a healthier farming environment:

  • Increase in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels

  • Decomposition of organics, some chemicals and waste created by fish farming

  • Decomposition of harmful algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses

  • Stimulation of plankton growth

Nanobubbles make better aquaculture yields:

  • Increased ratio of hatching

  • Faster growth

  • Increased fish size and weight

  • Decreased rates of illness and mortality

  • Decreased use of antibiotics and pest control products

  • Reduced harvest time – Quicker time to market and sales


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