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Supported Water Flow: 3,000 GPM to 5,000 GPM

Metric: 680 m3/h to 1,000 m3/h

Supported Gas Flow: Upto 1,000 CFH

Metric: Up to 470 LPM


Trident Nanobubble System 1000 - Technical Product Description


The Trident Nanobubble System 1000 is a monumental leap forward in nanobubble technology, empowering industries and environmental initiatives with the most powerful and efficient solution for addressing the most demanding water treatment and oxygenation challenges at comerical & industrial scale. This groundbreaking system harnesses the power of cutting-edge membrane based nanobubble generation to produce a high concentration of nanobubbles, revolutionizing water treatment and oxygenation or other gas transfer processes on an comercial scale.




  • Large-Scale Aquaculture and Fisheries: Maintain optimal water quality and dissolved oxygen levels in the largest aquaculture facilities and open-water fisheries, ensuring the health and productivity of vast fish populations.
  • Municipal Water Treatment Plants (cities): Revolutionize water treatment processes in cities and large towns, providing clean and safe water to millions of residents.
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Heavy Industry): Tackle the most challenging wastewater treatment needs in heavy industries, effectively removing pollutants and contaminants on a massive scale.
  • Large-Scale Environmental Restoration Projects: Restore polluted waterways, lakes, and oceans by significantly increasing dissolved oxygen levels and promoting ecological balance.



  • Unmatched Oxygenation Capacity: Achieves unparalleled dissolved oxygen concentrations in colossal volumes of water, transforming water quality and supporting aquatic life on a grand scale.
  • Unrivaled Efficiency: Maximizes the efficiency of industrial-scale processes, dramatically reducing operational costs and improving productivity.
  • Minimal Chemical Dependency: Virtually eliminates the need for chemicals in various applications, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Eco-Conscious Solution: A sustainable and environmentally responsible technology for addressing the most complex industrial and environmental challenges.
  • No External Power Required: Operates autonomously without the need for external power sources, ensuring continuous and reliable performance.



Note: For comprehensive technical specifications, detailed performance data, and case studies, please refer to the product documentation and contact our team of experts.



Trident Nanobubble System 1000 - Water Flow: 3,000 GPM to 5,000 GPM

SKU: TNS-1000
  • Aquaculture, Agriculture, Cleaning, Wastewater, Industrial and more.

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